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My World in a Nutshell...

Jessica M. Hernandez.
Alias: Nala <3 | Twenty-One | Medical Marijuana Patient - Prop 215 <3 |
I contradict everything I say. I'm a stripper and it's something I LOVE. Currently in college for Computer Science and Business Management, definitely want to own a couple small businesses. This blog bring out my bad side, my sexy side and I guess my true side. ^_~ My blog contains beautiful naked women, sex positions, weed, art, food and whatever else I find amusing at the time.
If you are easily offended I recommend visiting another blog. I don't see the point in being so negative, I try to look at the bowl half full ;) <3
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Pinup (at Santa Cruz Beach)
Brews (at Sta Cruz Beach Boardwalk)
#BathroomSelfie (at The Penthouse Club)
#selfie (at The Ramp Restaurant)
Spring Break. (at The Ramp Restaurant)
#BedtimeSelfie #Selfie
Pre-work game. (at W San Francisco)
#WineEnthusiast #Wino #Vino #WineTime #Wine
Amazing. Intelligent. Lover.

"Glitter Mixtape"
Thirty-five millimeter // Winter 2014

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Sex without Love is mereley healthy exercise.-Robert A. Heinlein